Thoughts on Axis of Evil Comedy Tour – Katherine Campbell

I enjoyed watching a video clip from the Axis of Evil Comedy Tour in class yesterday.  The Axis of Evil Comedy Tour features Middle Eastern comedians who joke about what life is like being from both the Middle East and America.  I think what makes this comedy tour so successful is the way in which it capitalizes on the ignorance of people in regards to ethnic stereotypes.

In addition to being entertaining, this comedy tour reflects the spirit of post-colonialism, which is known for the “colonized” using their own voice to tell their own story.  These comedians take ownership of their Middle Eastern-American ethnicities by cracking clever jokes based on their backgrounds and cultural observations.  I think the Axis of Evil Comedy Tour is also effective in that it reflects an overlapping of the scapes of globalization.  By watching a video clip of this tour we encounter a combination of ethnoscapes, technoscapes, and mediascapes.

I liked the video clip we watched in class because it enhanced my understanding of our previous discussion of post-colonialism and the concept of flows and contra-flows.  I’ve included a link below incase you share my opinion and would like to watch more from the Axis of Evil Comedy Tour.

- Katherine Campbell

more axis of evil comedy tour

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